5 Lessons the Cub Scouts Will Teach Your Child for the Future

Our partners at Northern Star Cub Scouts share the lifelong benefits of the scout experience.

Are you looking for activities your child can participate in while learning new skills and building strong character? You can achieve that by signing your child up for the Cub Scouts! Read on to learn more about five lessons and benefits joining the Cub Scouts will give your child now and in the future.

Two boys performing a science experiment with the Cub Scouts

1. Life Skills

One of the main ways that the Cub Scouts contribute to a child’s future is by teaching them valuable life skills they will continue to use for years to come. Cub Scouts take part in various activities and daily routines that foster behaviors they will carry into adulthood.

For example, your child will learn to function as part of a group, interacting with other children and working together to accomplish common goals. That helps promote better communication and social skills, strengthening your child’s ability to perform in the workforce as an adult.

2. Strong Character

The Cub Scouts are built on a foundation of promoting strong character in all children who participate. Scouts abide by the motto “Do My Best,” striving to try their hardest in all of their endeavors and always reach out a helping hand to others in need. 

When your child joins the Cub Scouts, they hold themselves to the standards of honesty, reliability, integrity, and more. The Scouts encourage children to be the best version of themselves and consistently look for ways to help those around them. These virtues will instill a strong sense of character that your child will carry through life.

3. New Interests

A great thing that happens when your child joins the Cub Scouts is that they get introduced to new hobbies and interests they may not have otherwise experienced. Northern Star Cub Scouts participate in daily activities such as fishing, woodworking, camping, hiking, art projects, and more.

When your child gets introduced to new activities, they’ll often find something they love and want to continue doing. Who knows, their new interest could become a lifelong hobby or even career one day!

4. Achievement

Another valuable aspect of the Cub Scouts is the encouragement to see tasks to the end and achieve goals. Cub Scouts must make certain achievements to climb the ranks, entering a higher tier of the Scouts. This structure motivates children to reach certain milestones and goals at an early age.

By completing tasks and showing a commitment to the character pillars of the Scouts, your child will continue to advance in the Scout ranks and see the benefits of hard work. That will promote a healthy drive and perseverance that your child will exercise in adulthood.

5. Loyalty and Lifelong Friendships

Perhaps the most important way the Cub Scouts will help your child in the future is by creating lifelong friendships. Many children make friends in the Cub Scouts that they remain close with for years to come. 

The Scout Experience

During their time as a Scout, your child will meet other kids from different backgrounds and walks of life and relate to them through their shared experiences. The bond built in the Cub Scouts is strong, resulting in friendships that your child can carry into their adulthood! The new year of Scouting is just getting started – find a Pack in your area today!


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