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5 Advantages Your Child Gains in Cub Scouts


Cub Scouts Have the Most Fun!

When kids enter elementary school, they gain opportunities to learn, grow, and socialize, but they do so within the confines of an academic setting. While this structure is important, your child also needs chances to have fun with peers in a creative and social environment.

Cub Scouts offers a great way for boys and girls in grades K–5 to engage socially in a positive atmosphere where fun is baked into every activity. With tons of outdoor experiences, your child will develop a love of nature, and activities are geared toward helping kids gain confidence and life skills. 

What advantages can your child gain by joining the Cub Scouts?

1: Build Friendships

While children are sure to meet a lots of other kids when they enter elementary school, it’s not always easy to make friends. Between classes and cliques, some kids can struggle to find a peer group they fit in.

Cub Scouts is a program geared toward helping kids come out of their shells and be themselves in a positive environment. Cub Scouts participate as members of a group, developing confidence and forging social ties along the way. Kids who connect in the Scouts program can end up building bonds that grow into lifelong friendships.

2: Learn Life Skills

Reading, writing, math, and other core subjects are covered in the school setting, but there’s a lot more to learn, and Cub Scouts can help kids prepare to face the opportunities and challenges in life. As a Scout, your child will develop independence and gain confidence in their abilities and worth.

The Cub Scouts program will prepare your child to overcome life’s challenges with confidence, perseverance, and a strong support network. As Scouts, kids learn life skills that help them to navigate the world with self-assurance and tackle anything that comes their way. 

Belief in oneself is a key component to a successful and happy life; Scouting instills this and other important values in kids at a young age.

3: Enjoy Countless Fun Activities

Adventure is a given with scouting, thanks to the many creative activities and outdoor fun. Field trips, hiking, camping, and family outings offer opportunities for Scouts to get outside and discover the joys of nature year-round, while pinewood derbies, rocket launches, games with friends, and other group activities deliver endless fun.

4: Create Lasting Memories

It’s hard to explain the value of creating happy childhood memories filled with friends and fun. Your kids won’t be able to stop talking about all the exciting experiences at Cub Scouts day camps, not to mention camping trips and field trips throughout the year. 

Kids connect not only with nature on these excursions but also with peers who share their love of the great outdoors.

Pinewood derbies and rocket launches help develop a lifelong love of learning while competing in healthy and constructive ways. With loads of challenging and rewarding activities like hiking, archery, and rock wall climbing, Scouts enjoy physical fitness and the chance to build confidence in their abilities. The memories they create will stick with them for life.

5: Bonuses for New and Returning Scouts

There’s no shortage of reasons to enroll your children in Cub Scouts, but kids are sure to love the extras that come with joining their local group. 

New Scouts will get a T-shirt and a free day camp experience, while new and returning Scouts will receive a mini die-cast race car and fun racing license, as well a pinewood derby car kit, a pit pass with a lanyard, and free entry into a regional pinewood derby race.

Opportunities for Kids Grade K–5

The Cub Scouts organization wants every child to experience the benefits of becoming a Scout, which is why we welcome all boys and girls in grades K–5. We proudly offer scholarships and fundraising opportunities for those who may be unable to pay for annual registration fees and program and activity costs.

All kids deserve the chance to build supportive friendships, learn valuable life skills, gain confidence in themselves and their abilities, enjoy fun outdoor activities, and create lasting memories. As Cub Scouts, they can take the first steps toward becoming the capable, self-assured, and successful people they’re meant to be.

Join Scouting

Join Scouting to give your kids a fantastic opportunity to meet new friends, try new activities, and have fun!

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