4 Reasons I Love Working in Early Childhood Education

Jenni Haas, Early Childhood Education Specialist working with our partners at New Horizon Academy, shares her passion for the field of early childhood education.

Female Preschool teacher working with 3 year old girl - early childhood education

As we start a new year, I find myself reflecting on my career. I have worked in early childhood education for eleven years, and I recently had an opportunity become available to me that was in a completely different field. I pulled out my yellow legal pad to make my pros and cons list, and it occurred to me that no other job could ever fill my bucket as much as the one I have now. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Early Childhood Education is Meaningful

    Did you know that 90 percent of the human brain develops by the age of five? When children are in our care, we give them an abundance of love and attention. Being present in their lives and validating their big emotions builds the foundation of their future. When they are in our care, so many lifelong skills are being built, such as their social and emotional skills, problem-solving skills, the ability to have patience, and empathy.

  2. It’s Fun!

    Many of our lesson plans and curriculum activities revolve around play. Children are constantly learning through play. Through one simple art activity or science project, I can teach children so many valuable skills such as comprehension, following directions, shape and color recognition, number and letter recognition, self-help skills, vocabulary, sensory experiences, and so much more! The children think they are doing a fun little art activity or science experiment. Little do they know, they are learning so much more! I literally get paid to play!

  3. The Teamwork

    I thrive off of being a team player. I love it when my accomplishments help my team succeed. My team is a group of individuals who share my passion for working in early childhood education and the parents/guardians of the children in my care. My team’s goal is to support these children’s emotional, physical, and mental development, and I cannot think of a better team to be a part of!

  4. Work/Life Balance

    I have three children of my own, and being there for their milestones and coming together as a family for dinner every night is extremely important to me. Our schools are not open during the nights or weekends, so I know that time can always be dedicated to my family.

Upon my reflection, I realized there is no better job for me. My job makes me happy, and I am passionate about working in early childhood education.

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