2022 Swimsuit Trends I Tried

I have had a number of swimsuits on rotation for a while now, mostly from Target. However, with our trip to Hawaii earlier this month and the fact I had lost quite a bit of weight since last season, I knew it was time for a refresh and a dive into 2022 swimsuit trends.

So, I bit the bullet and scheduled a swimsuit fitting at a local swimsuit boutique in Edina, Nani Nalu. I found out about Nani from a co-worker of mine last year, and this was the perfect reason to try them out. Before my visit, they had a survey for me to fill out online. Through the survey I listed areas I wanted to avoid showing, but noted that I’m always open to trying new trends. I was excited to see what I could find!

When I first arrived, the gal assigned to help me had already pulled several options for me to start with in the dressing room. There were one-pieces, bikinis, and coverups galore. Right away, some didn’t look comfortable for me to wear, but I thought, why not? You never know unless you try, right?

Listen, mamas…I’m proud of the weight I’ve lost, but it didn’t erase the stretch marks and extra belly I have from the amazing things it did to accommodate 4 babies, including a set of twins. Even though I was open to trying new trends, there were just some I knew weren’t going to work for me.

Here’s what I learned in my eye-opening fitting for bathing suits:

String Bikinis

This one was a big NOPE for me. With all my clothes on, I think the sales consultant probably thought I had a flat stomach (appreciate you thinking that, by the way), but when she saw me try on the first suit, I think she realized her mistake. OH, I MEANT IT when I wrote down that I wanted to avoid showing my tummy. I was just not comfortable having my stomach hanging out in front, and it was a no-go for my shortie legs. And another thing, this was NOT a kid-friendly suit! My youngest would be trying to get me topless or bottomless all day long. If it had worked, it would definitely be for an adult-only trip to the beach.


Ok, with this one, I couldn’t get the thought of wearing a winter crocheted hat as a swimsuit out of my head, and that was not appealing to me. Mentally, would I always feel hot? Is it really made to get wet? However, I did end up trying on a crochet one-piece for fun. I didn’t mind the cut. It was definitely cute, but parts of my body were squeezing through the fabric, and it wasn’t a cute showing off like a normal cut-out. So this was also a no-go.

Cutout detailing

Whether it’s a keyhole in the top or on the sides of the bottom, I felt this one could work for me. Showing a little more skin in the detailing can be a hit or miss, but it can be very flattering if placed right. I tried on a blue braided halter top with a keyhole that I instantly fell in love with. The color was bright, and the braided halter’s additional detail added a fun new look I’ve never tried before. This was a top I could mix and match with any bottom to make it into a number of looks. Cutouts in the form of an asymmetrical top like this one seem to be a winner for me too! However, cutouts in my bottom, not so much. I’ll take a win here, though, with half of this trend being a go for me.


To be quite honest, some of the floral patterns I’ve seen in the past just looked tacky on me. So I usually stuck with geometric or solid-colored suits. To my surprise, I was hooked on a floral two-piece I tried on. Winner, winner, chicken dinner for me because it was a reversible suit! If I got tired of floral, I could switch it to a hot coral number or mix and match solid and floral depending on my mood. The floral pattern was subtle and not too much for me, which sold me on this one too. This, by far, was the suit I wore the most on our vacation.


Basically, a monokini is considered a one piece swimsuit. However, it is basically a bikini top and bikini bottom with barely-there fabric connecting the bottom and top. This creates much larger cutout pieces on the sides or front/back. I hoped this would be a good solution for my tummy hanging-out concerns. Still, unfortunately, it accentuated the parts I didn’t want around. Also, even with the cutouts on the side, the bottom half did not look cute.

See-Through Coverups

Aren’t all coverups meant to be see-through? Anyway, what I thought I knew doesn’t matter. There were options for a see-through fringe sarong or a mesh-style dress. I love me a sarong, but mamas, the ones I tried on were not made for those who are 5’2” or shorter. Even wearing it like a strapless dress had the bottom dragging on the floor, causing a tripping hazard for my clumsy feet. Of course, it’s a “one size fits all” tag. Well, I’m here to tell you that there needs to be a petite version or disclaimer that you need to be at least 5’6” to fit the length. No worries, the see-through dress was a win and went well with the bright suits I ended up getting.

Waist Accessories

Belts and chains are popular fashion details being sold to add to your suits if they don’t come already attached. However, as pretty as it may look on the runway and on social media, I felt that a chain on my waist was a little over the top for me. It kept getting caught on things or stuck in my coverup. Also, all I could imagine was it riding up above my waist and having to readjust constantly. Oh, and because shiny things attract toddlers, it would definitely be an adult-only beach day accessory. As for belts, even though they looked flattering, on a one-piece, all I could think about was the pain of having to unbuckle the belt first before being able to put on or take off the suit. All in all, this trend was one I knew I did not need.

My Conclusions

2022 swimsuit trends - collection of swimsuits and coverups on a bed

I was able to find a couple of options, one different and one similar to what I have worn in the past with this little adventure. I learned that you can have fun at a swimsuit fitting trying on the 2022 swimwear trends. You can feel comfortable saying no to the triangle bikini and stick with what is working for you. I love me in a high-waisted bottom at all times, and I’m all for fun new tops to do my mix and match. I learned that having a couple of quality suits is a must and having older suits to mix in is fine too. I’m all about variety, so you’ll always see multiple options in my suitcase. As you are thinking about an upcoming vacation or summer here in MN, consider getting out of your comfort zone and trying things you never thought you would. Who knows, you may find something you fall in love with or just confirm the style you know fits you best.

Have fun swimwear shopping this season!

Aimee is considered first generation, born and raised right in Minnesota made possible by her parents who are Vietnamese refugees. She is married to her husband Paul and they have four handsome boys - Davis (2010), twin boys, Miles and Quincy (2012), and Jones (2019). Aimee works as a Relationship Manager for her day job, has a love for delicious food, and is always ready for the next adventure with her little family. Follow Aimee and her family through Instagram Pinterest Facebook


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