2021 Open Call for New Contributors

Hey there, Mama!

Are you a Twin Cities Mom who enjoys writing?

Are you interested in connecting with other moms and rediscovering your love for creative writing?

TCMC Open Call for Writers

Are you the in-the-know mom? The one whose friends always text because you’ve got the scoop – whether it’s knowing what’s happening around town or knowing the how to’s when it comes to your baby/toddler/teen? Twin Cities Moms Collective welcome your know-how, and we’d love to share your voice!

We want to hear from women who are often unheard or under represented when it comes to all parts of their motherhood experience. We have some of your stories, but there is always room for improvement, and we will keep working to share the stories of ALL mothers. For this open call, our goal is to give space to the voices and experiences we aren’t publishing yet. If you enjoy writing, are passionate about motherhood, and don’t see your experience represented by TCMC content, we’d love to hear from you.

So, is it your voice and experience that we’re missing? We want to hear from you!

Maybe it’s not you, but your friend who would be perfect for this! We hope you’ll tell them about this opportunity!

*This is a volunteer role with great exposure! Keep reading…

So…how does this work?

If you join our team of contributors, we’ll provide space for you to submit one original post per month that fits within the brand and mission of Twin Cities Mom Collective over the course of the next 12 months.

We put the photo and bio of all of our contributors on the Twin Cities Mom Collective Writer webpage and once it’s safe to be together again, we’ll gather for an official professional photoshoot so we can provide you with a great headshot as an added bonus.

You’re able to put links to your personal blog and/or social media handles (if you choose to share them) in your author bio below your articles, and you may be eligible for opportunities to test out products and/or services before reviewing them on the TCMC website. We’ll also always provide professional editing on every article you submit.

We do ask that you:

Reside within the Twin Cities metro area
Have passion for women, especially moms, and our community
Be available to be in our private Facebook group for our writers and be available to connect with one another.

So, what’s next?

Fill out the application below and submit your writing sample. Once we close submissions, we’ll let you know that we’re on the way to bury ourselves in all of your content. Ongoing updates will be sent by email!

We are excited that you would consider sharing your thoughts and experiences with the Twin Cities Mom Collective readers! Before you think more on the opportunity, please read the following guidelines and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Think LOCAL | We love to keep our content relevant to the Twin Cities metro area… or at least within driving distance for day trips and outings. Articles can feature places to go and things to do while more general topics {potty training, DIY, working, etc.} are given a local twist simply because they are written by a local mom – YOU!

Think MOMS | It may sound obvious, but TCMC’s target audience is made up of moms, and our deeper mission has always been to serve the woman behind the mother. We were all someone before we had kids and we’re still in there. Always consider that woman through phases of childhood development (how does this affect mom or what does mom need to know), tips and tricks (how does it help mom more than anyone else…even if you’re providing tips for helping kids, it’s to ease mama’s day too), etc. If you have an idea that interests you and your friends, our readers would probably love to read about it too!

Think CONNECTIONS | We encourage you to think critically about ways to engage your audience. Spark our readers’ curiosity, and give them a reason to comment by asking questions – “So tell me, what is the most awful potty training experience you have ever encountered?”
Most Importantly | Write what you love, and love what you write!

As you consider what content to submit as a sample with your application, please think on these important guidelines:

  • Your sample submissions must be original to you, meaning, you are the original author. We take copyright infringement very seriously and always want to honor the work of each individual author as such.
  • The submission with your application should be a sampling of what you’d like to share on the site (500-600 words). You can write a content piece, a how-to list, a need-to-know article or otherwise – we want to know what YOU know about being a mom or a woman and can’t wait to hear what you have to say.
  • Content should be free from the following: profanity, sexual language, political endorsement of a party or candidate, political commentary, op-ed commentary on controversial social and/or political issues, and derogatory or inflammatory language.


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