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The pregnancy and postpartum period can be filled with so much joy, but it can also be overwhelming when researching all of your options. The truth is that this is a huge part of parenting! When you move into the next stages and you look for pediatric resources, the overwhelm can continue. The questions to be answered seem endless: Where should I give birth? Who will help me? Once my baby is born, will I ever sleep again? Parenting is a privilege and a joy. It can also leave you with so many questions, especially regarding care for your children and it can become overwhelming when you begin to research all of your options. It is our hope that this Twin Cities Health Magazine helps answer some of those questions.

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At Dentistry for Children & Adolescents, we have been committed to providing your children with the highest standard of pediatric dental care since 1968! Our professionally trained pediatric dentists, along with our team do all they can to make your child’s dental experience as pleasant as possible. We believe that with good oral home care, routine dental visits, and preventive procedures, your children can grow up cavity-free. We offer three convenient locations in Burnsville, Edina, and Minnetonka. We see patients from infancy through the age of 18 and are specialized in treating children with special needs- making us the perfect ‘dental home’ for your children!

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does your child need glasses?

by Laura Wifler

A few weeks after our ophthalmologist appointment, Eli started sporting a pair of rectangular dark grey frames, and hands down, the most common question we now get asked is, “How did you know he needed glasses?” It’s a completely legitimate question, and we totally understand why people would wonder. I had noticed that Eli’s left eye wandered – just a bit – since he was about eight months old. It was slight enough that usually I just told myself I was seeing things, and when I did bring it up to my husband or another person, they brushed it off as well, saying it was a trick of the eye – my eyes, that is. At 14 months, our pediatrician referred us to a pediatric ophthalmologist and suggested we had his vision checked, just in case.

a note from Regions Hospital

Regions Hospital Family Birth Center has a long history of providing award-winning care in Minnesota. Here medical expertise meets a birth experience designed to make labor, delivery and postpartum care comfortable and comforting. In the summer of 2020, our new, state-of-the-art, 160,000-square foot birthing center in downtown St. Paul opened to welcome your most precious deliveries.

we were born to move

by Shoshana Koch

In these times it’s so easy to resign ourselves to being sedentary, to feel it’s impossible to exercise when we are out of our routine or charged with being both mom and nurse, however, I invite us all to challenge this belief. Provided you are not ill yourself, you are in need of movement more than ever, to help you manage the additional stress and energetic output of tending to illness around you. Also, it will boost your immunity against invading viruses and germs.

hand sanitizers: a top 10 list

by Annie Evelsizer

Remember the early days of this pandemic when there was a veritable run on hand sanitizer, amongst other normally basic household items? It seemed as though overnight, toilet paper, eggs and hand sanitizer became worth more than my car.

Fast forward to Global Pandemic Month… 6?… and I’ve become a hand sanitizer expert. And I’m here to share my discoveries.

a note from Camp Smile

Specifically designed for infants, teens and patients with special healthcare needs, Camp Smile is a well-established full-service pediatric dental practice. Our highly skilled team is committed to changing the way children think about going to the dentist be providing patients with comfortable, informative, and FUN visits. Caring for the next generation is our passion and redefining the norm for the pediatric dental experience is our mission. We look forward to meeting your happy camper soon!

self care for your health

by Courtney Wieland

When my daughter arrived prematurely, she spent the first several months of her life in the hospital. I was wracked with guilt the first time I walked (wheeled) out of those hospital doors.

Physically not able to stay by her bedside 24/7 as I recovered from my own surgery, I had to adjust to being separated from her. Leaving the hospital each day even became routine, as I worked to balance care for our older daughter at home. Feelings of guilt lingered, but so did the reality of our situation. Eventually, the words of advice from others began to set in.

Self-care was one of the most frequent suggestions. To take some time to myself, collect my thoughts and recover both physically and mentally.

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raising a healthy eater

by Monica Hoss

Follow the division of responsibility. The parent is responsible for what food is served, when it is served and where it is served. The child is responsible for how much food they eat and whether they eat it. The division of responsibility emphasizes that children need to learn to eat independently without pressure from their parents. Rest assured that you are doing your job as a parent as long as you are offering them healthy choices (most of the time) on a regular schedule.

from north memorial + maple grove hospital

The staff at North Memorial Health Hospital and Maple Grove Hospital are specially trained to handle any risk level, and their medical experience is unmatched.

From One #twincitiesmom to Another


Eagan, MN

Communities like the Twin Cities Mom Collective Facebook groups and new motherhood classes around the metro were my saving grace. At any hour, I had a group of moms to message. Veteran moms and moms with the same worries reassured me. They helped guide me to resources when I was stuck. Also, I found my friends with children at home loved to be helpful and answer questions.
Advice I would give to my new mom self: keep it simple. I overbought and over registered! Diapers, thick burp clothes, baby sleepers and swaddles are the main essentials I remember from those first few months. You and your baby will finally meet and figure out what you like together.

From One #twincitiesmom to Another


Plymouth, MN

My entry into motherhood was filled with love, support and patience. Being a new mom is not easy but with the wealth of knowledge and love of my closest family and friends really put my mind at ease and helped me find my own path into this whole motherhood journey.

A piece of advice I’d give my new mom self would be to not be so hard on myself as a new mom. I thought I had to do everything perfectly and I should have been able to take a step back and allow myself to learn and make mistakes. That’s what motherhood is all about.

you don't need a reason to have ppd/ppa

When you seek help for PPD/PPA, there are no qualifications for getting help. They don’t ask you how often your baby wakes at night or if they cry a lot. They don’t turn you away if you have a live-in nanny or a wonderfully supportive partner. Your mood does not need to be defined as depressed or anxious, all of the time or any of the time, to deserve better. You don’t need to be sure there’s a problem to benefit from talking to someone. You don’t even need to agree that you deserve to be happy, but you do.

From One #twincitiesmom to Another


Woodbury, MN

Here we are with an almost 5-year-old and a 1-year-old traveling places. I’m so proud of my husband and myself on how far we have come. We have had to face lots of challenges, over all these years. To be honest, it has been almost 5 years since we’ve had a date night. Yet we manage to find time for ourselves amongst all the chaos.
I’m so glad I realized what I was going through and took steps to come out of it. As moms, we all go through difficult times, just be sure to speak out and get help for yourself before drowning in it.
Moving to this new city in a new country as a new mom has given me so much to learn about – not just parenting, but also myself. I’m so glad destiny brought us here to the Twin Cities.

From One #twincitiesmom to Another


Minneapolis, MN

I have a child development background, so when I first became a mother, I thought I was prepared. But my baby arrived and my world turned upside down. Why was this never as easy as they made it out to be in my textbooks?
Like all new skills, the education in this new role as mom wasn’t offered to me when they placed the baby in my arms. Love enters gradually. So did my confidence. Time and immense grace became a new teacher. The good news is, you will find that teacher too. You will educate yourself in a new way of care, develop a new best practice, grow strength in a new set of skills. This education is not found in any parenting book. It comes from love—immeasurable, unpredictable, enigmatic love—a love only your baby can teach you.

premier sponsor:
St. Francis Hospital

The St. Francis Family Birth Place is home to experienced OB/GYNs and Certified Nurse Midwives from both Allina Health and Park Nicollet.
The Family Birth Place is located close to home in the southwest suburbs, and offers the same services as large metro hospitals. Our staff, services and programs provide the very best care for new mothers and babies before, during and after childbirth.
At St. Francis, you're more than just a number, and our mission is to provide the same high-quality, compassionate care that we would expect for our own family.

the day i met my daughter

by Amber Harder

In that split second, as my daughter was placed in my arms, a switch in me flipped and I went completely into mom mode. I wanted to do everything I could to reassure my little girl that she was safe and loved. I held her at a bit of a distance in case my foreign white skin startled her. I gently soothed her by rubbing her arms and legs. I spoke to her quietly using the handful of Amharic words I knew. I watched and waited for her cues to let me know what I should do next.
We took things slow. We built trust. We poured out our hearts. And together we three began writing the next chapter of our lives: Family.

a note from
Northwestern Health Sciences

The Northwestern Health Sciences University Bloomington Clinic offers a wide variety of natural, holistic, healthcare services to provide integrative healthcare for the whole family. We focus on the whole person, putting you at the center of your healing. Experience an individualized treatment plan rooted in science and professional expertise. Providing chiropractic care, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, massage therapy, naturopathic medicine, telemedicine, clinical labs, and radiological consultation services, you’ll receive professional healthcare for injuries, chronic pain, pediatrics, orthopedics, and more on your path toward optimal care.

a note from
metropolitan pediatric dental associates

Metropolitan Pediatric Dental Associates is an American Board of Pediatric Dentistry Certified specialty dental office for infants, toddlers, big kids, pre teens, and teens with locations throughout the Twin Cities including St. Paul, Fridley, North Oaks, and Eagan. Our professional, gentle, and caring pediatric dentists have been providing quality dental care for children and adolescents since 1965.
Beyond graduation from dental school, all of the pediatric dentists at Metropolitan Pediatric Dental Associates have completed an additional 2-year residency in pediatrics. Because of our specialty training, we are more knowledgeable and experienced with the dental conditions that arise in children than a general dentist who does not specialize in children’s dentistry.

seeking help is a strength

We want to connect moms who are seeking help to resources within our community that can provide hope. Below are several organizations that can help with issues related to abuse and depression.

“So please reach out. Connect with that mom sitting by herself at the park. Say hi to the bleary eyed dad staring blankly at the Starbucks menu. And when you ask how someone is doing, really ask how they’re doing. Then listen. Don’t be afraid to get your emotions dirty. And if it’s you that needs a connection, please don’t hide it. You have friends. You are loved. And you are not in this alone.”

first time mom (again)

by Cari Dugan

This past spring we added our fourth baby into our not-so-little crew. Preparing for her arrival I was pretty confident in my mommy skills. I mean, this wasn’t my first rodeo. I’ve done the newborn thing three times already! She would be a piece of cake. Right?
You see, there are almost 12 years between my oldest and youngest, and almost a seven-year gap between my two youngest.
Thankfully, our baby is truly what people call an easy baby. She eats well, sleeps well, handles sicknesses like a champ, and is very chill and easy going. But even still there have been times these past six months that I have been finding myself asking so many questions, texting friends with younger babies, and when they aren’t available – googling.

pregnant during a pandemic

by Amy Workman

When your sister was small, I dreaded the night. It was dark, lonely, unknown. Despite loving her fiercely with every fiber of my being, I’d bounce and jiggle and pace repeating to myself “Morning always comes” as my tired brain tried to calculate exactly how much sleep I might get and in how many chunks.
This time I’m wiser, and sappier. I know you won’t always need me in the night. Sure, there will be teething and sickness and sleep regressions. But not like this. In the night, I get to know things no one else knows. I’m the keeper of the secrets and the sweetness.
Only I know your sleepy, slightly mischievous smile that greets me when I shuffle in groggily. How you gently wrap your hand around mine as you eat, trying so hard to keep your eyes open and inevitably losing the battle.

From One #twincitiesmom to Another


Hugo, MN

When in doubt, trust your “mom gut”. It’s definitely a thing. A thing that you’ll not only realize has always been there but a thing that helps you when you need it most. Also, when in doubt, take a fussy baby outside or into the bathtub! You were made to by your baby’s mama. No one else. You’re the absolute best one for the job.

Things that helped me in the first four weeks (in no particular order):
baths, coffee, reading a novel while nursing, accepting food deliveries, calling the nurses line, friends who’d had babies before I did, a good pillow and nice smelling lotion.

From One #twincitiesmom to Another


Minneapolis, MN

I became a mom as a single parent and immediately learned that I am not in this alone. Being the sole physical parent quickly taught me to accept help, appreciate my community and help others when possible. I’ve been able to carry this over to being a mom to my other children now as I parent with a partner. Being a single mom was an incredible gift to who I am and how I parent and I remember those days with a whole lot of joy. A piece of advice I’d give my new mom self is to follow your child’s lead. I have no control over who my children are and who they will become, but with gentle love and listening I can guide them in helpful ways. This may mean trying a new parenting style or approach to sleep or feeding that I never imagined I’d do. Be open to parenting in unique ways for each of your children!

things I know in the night

by Kate Awsumb

When your sister was small, I dreaded the night. It was dark, lonely, unknown. Despite loving her fiercely with every fiber of my being, I’d bounce and jiggle and pace repeating to myself “Morning always comes” as my tired brain tried to calculate exactly how much sleep I might get and in how many chunks.
This time I’m wiser, and sappier. I know you won’t always need me in the night. Sure, there will be teething and sickness and sleep regressions. But not like this. In the night, I get to know things no one else knows. I’m the keeper of the secrets and the sweetness.
Only I know your sleepy, slightly mischievous smile that greets me when I shuffle in groggily. How you gently wrap your hand around mine as you eat, trying so hard to keep your eyes open and inevitably losing the battle.

five ways to find a babysitter

by Sarah Lodien

When I was in the market to find a baby sitter, I found it so hard mainly because I am a first-time mom, and I was new to the neighborhood. I did not know which resources were available to me. So, stemming from my personal experience, I gathered all five ways to find a baby sitter so you don’t have to.

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