12 Gifts Your Husband Wants This Christmas

12 Gifts Your Husband Wants This Christmas | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Every time any sort of holiday or birthday comes up, I find myself Googling lists of unique things to get my husband, because let’s face it I’m pretty amazing and he’s had me for 10 years, how do I top the gift of love? Or the new set of golf clubs I got him almost a decade ago? I don’t know about your husbands or partners, but mine does not want another “best dad ever” trinket to add to a dusty shelf in his man cave.

To be honest, I’m still on the search for The Perfect Christmas Gift for my husband, but this list will hopefully help you shoppers who are still trying to figure it out too!

12 Gifts Your Husband Wants This Christmas

Theragun: This is great for the active man in your life. I don’t know about what your husbands endure at home, but my husband is our son’s personal jungle gym, and this fancy little massage gun helps reach all the sore spots. And the best part is you can use it for yourself too!

Ember Mug/Travel Mug: Who doesn’t need a tech savvy coffee mug? This mug isn’t like any mug you have purchased before. Your husband will be able to pick the exact temperature of his beverage, and this mug will keep it at the desired temperature for up to 3 hours. No more coming back to a cold cup of coffee after getting the kids off to… distance learning in the morning!

Bacon of the Month Club: I’m not sure there are many people in the U.S. who don’t love bacon, but this gift was a fun thing for my husband a few years ago. We got to try all sorts of different flavored bacons and it was totally worth it. Don’t eat bacon? Well, good news! You can pretty much find a “… of the month club” for any of your favorite things including beer and wine!

Golf Clubs: Okay, my husband is super into golf and I think the best gift I ever got him was a new set of TaylorMade golf clubs. Rumor has it Costco has a great deal on golf wedges this year and their golf balls are pretty good too! There are just some gifts you can’t beat. Partner not into golf? Maybe they enjoy fishing, hunting, hockey, or some other sport; figure out if they need some new gear and add it to your holiday shopping list.

Lululemon Underwear: It always seems like my husband needs new underwear for one reason or another, but we have found a pair that he’s in love with. Believe it or not, it’s Lululemon! These undies can take the place of your usual stocking stuffer. I tried to get a quote from my husband about his favorite undies, but all he could give me was “they are soft” so there you have it folks, these men’s underwear are amazing!

Allbird Shoes: Personally, I use Allbirds for my birth work because you can throw the shoes in the laundry, and you never know what could happen at a birth! Anyway, these shoes are made of wool and recyclable materials like plastic water bottles and cardboard.

Sweatpants: Is there anyone who doesn’t like a good pair of sweatpants? We love Nike in this house, and baggy sweatpants are the most comfortable. Check your partners drawers for their favorite brands, or maybe you know they have some giving off that distressed look it’s the perfect time to replace them.

Cheeky T-shirts: Dress them up with a blazer, dress them down with sweats for the gym. Superfresh offers limited edition clothes, so you will have to sign up to get the latest launch info which means this gift will have to be well planned out to get it in time for the holidays (or you could use this company for other holidays/birthdays). I can attest to the quality of these shirts because I have wandered into my husband’s side of the closet and almost always grab a Superfresh shirt, the stretch factor is legit but they are also so soft!

If your other half is more of a plain t-shirt kind of guy then these shirts from Target are soft like butter.

Skincare: Not all men are into skincare, but if the man in your life is expressing interest or you know he needs to try something new, checkout Bevel! As a wife, I love the smell of these products and as a user, my husband’s skin looks great. These products are great for stocking stuffers.

Sports Gear: Another one of my favorite gifts I have given my husband is a Chicago Bears jersey of his favorite player (yes, I know we are in Viking territory). It’s simple, but the die hard sports fan in your life is going to love that you actually listened to who their favorite player on their favorite team is.

Minimalist/low profile wallet: I got one of these for my husband years ago, and whenever he has had to replace a wallet he always goes for the low-profile option. There are a lot of options on the market, so you will have no problem finding something that fits your husband’s style.

Experience Gifts: Last year, I treated my husband to a night away at the William Sauntry Mansion in Stillwater, MN. We enjoyed time away from our son with a nice dinner on the river, sleeping in, breakfast in bed, a walk down Main Street with warm coffee in the morning and spent some time shopping. Experience gifts can look so different too, maybe he’s expressed interest in hitting up one of those axe throwing bars or zip-lining in the spring/summer! You can plan all sorts of special getaways or date nights as part of a stellar Christmas gift. If you want some ideas on other local spots to checkout for experience gifts, or date nights then the Shop Twin Cities guide is live and ready to help you out too!

Alright, maybe you read this list and thought “Tabitha, my husband doesn’t want any of this stuff either.” Well dear reader, ALWAYS get a gift receipt and maybe bypass the personalized sticky notes for their favorite candy instead. Enjoy shopping for your loved ones, and Happy Holidays!


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