11 Things to Consider When Designing the Nursery

11 Things to Consider When Designing the Nursery | Twin Cities Mom Collective

With our second child soon to arrive, I have found myself putting pieces together for the nursery and searching for items that are a little more tuned in to what we actually need this time around. I’m also seeking out items that can serve us long term. My goal is to create a nursery with items that transition with our growing kiddo. While the Marie Kondo hype has come and gone (I think), the minimalist style is still making a name for itself – especially as we all have had some extra time to purge our closets this year.

After a great deal of research, here are the top things I’ve taken into consideration:

  1. Transitional crib: This will be a costly item, but it’s a great addition to any registry. With the holidays coming up you could ask family to chip in and get it as a gift rather than a new robe and coffee mug. You will have to buy additional pieces as you transition into a full size bed, but this has been a great addition to our nursery. We are using the crib from our son, and moved a spare bed into his room.
  2. Bassinet: This can be hit or miss as bassinets can be great, but I would recommend a pack and play because you will be using it when you travel and your growing kiddo will likely be able to use it for quite awhile in the first year. This will be in your room, so consider size and where you can make some space, this may mean moving some things around for a while. Some bassinets go for over $200, so if you can get a hand me down, TAKE IT! These items are not used for long periods of time and cannot likely be repurposed down the road.
  3. Chair: Rocking chairs can be super cute, but the ones aimed at nurseries aren’t always easily repurposed into other areas of the house. Better yet, take inventory of your furniture, can you move a chair from somewhere else into the nursery for a bit? This is another great item to get as a hand me down from someone else, once the child is older it can be transitioned into a play room for story time or homeschooling sessions.
  4. Changing Basket/Dresser: I’ll admit, we had a crib that had a changing table attached to it in the beginning for our son, and it was great…until he outgrew it and then it was just taking up space. This time around, it seems logical to opt for a dresser and topping it with a changing basket which can be repurposed to hold books or toys as baby outgrows being changed in it.
  5. Bedside Tables: If you ditch the changing table you will find yourself trying to figure out where to store all of the diapers and various goodies (which can also be stored in the dresser you purchased). Another idea is to use a bedside table which serves as a great storage option for diapers, or it can house all of your snacks, nipple balms, and books for those late night feeding sessions.
  6. Artwork: Opt for fun pieces that can grow with your child rather than nursery themed items you will be wanting to replace in a year. You can still find fun artwork on theme that will have time on its side as your child grows. Let’s be honest, your baby doesn’t spend much time looking at the artwork on their walls, they are more interested in your faces.
  7. Mobile: Baby is likely spending their time sleeping in your room for the first 6 months (or let’s be honest, longer) of their life and they won’t be peering up at a colorful mobile for long. It’s safe to ditch this item altogether.
  8. Black-Out Curtains: These are a must, and again get something that will continue to work for your child throughout the years. Curtains are expensive and often sold by the panel. Think long term as you choose the color and pattern.
  9. Lamps: There are a lot of cute lamps with unicorns, dinosaurs, elephants… and the list goes on, but find something with a pop of color that will serve the space long term. Make sure the lamp you purchase has dimming options, you want to save your eyes in the middle of the night. You may also consider a night light to offer some additional light for diaper changes or feeding sessions.
  10. Sheets: sheets, sheets, sheets, and more sheets. Do not invest in a crib set. First of all, a lot of these items are hazards so you likely won’t be using them for your child. Once one year hits, you may realize your child rarely uses a blanket when given the option. You will be gifted about 75 blankets, and your child will love ONE of them. Simply use that until you transition into a bigger bed for your child.
  11. Paint: Paint is a fun way to give a room a face-lift, but you may consider keeping things neutral with grays and whites and then adding pops of color with furniture and wall decor. You never know what your child will like as they grow up, plus you can still make it fun! You may also hit one of those rare scenarios where baby ends up being a boy rather than a girl on Labor Day, nothing more surprising than that!

Finally, if you aren’t feeling the urge to nest before the baby arrives do not fret, they won’t be needing a nursery upon their arrival. It is definitely safe to wait until after baby has arrived to get the nursery setup, just make sure the carseat and bags are packed for the big day!


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