10 Best Board Books for Toddlers

10 Best Board Books for Toddlers | Twin Cities Mom Collective

One of my favorite things I love to do with my littles is to read books with them.  Reading books to your toddler on a daily basis encourages language development, sparks imagination, and is another great way to bond with your kids.

I prefer reading board books to my toddlers because it’s easy for them to hold, turn pages, and are super durable for those of us who have toddlers who like to rip and bite everything.  When putting together this list of our favorite board books, I thought about the books that both my one and two-year-old constantly have me reading.  These books are great for toddlers at all stages, which includes some classics as well as some newer options.

Let’s get reading!

1. I Love My Daddy

This book is a great one for dads to read and interact with their toddlers.  In this cheerful book, each toddler animal talks about why their dad deserves a gold star.  The artwork in I Love My Daddy is really bright and colorful, and also has star-shaped finger holes that will keep your toddler’s attention.

2. Please Baby Please

Written by film producer and Academy Award Winner Spike Lee and his wife, Please Baby Please is totally relatable for all parents.  Between chasing toddlers, cleaning up spills and handling temper tantrums, this book walks through the day-to-day moments of raising a toddler.

3. Chika Chika Boom Boom

Chika Chika Boom Boom has been around for a while and is a bestselling children’s classic.  A fun alphabet rhyme, this book is about the lower alphabet letters climbing up a coconut tree.  The lowercase letters take a tumble as they climb up the tree while the uppercase letters come to their rescue.

4. Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish is another classic that brings back childhood memories.  I remember reading this as a kid and it’s fun to now watch my kids enjoy this book.  Rainbow Fish is about a fish who learns to make friends by sharing with others.  The illustrations are eye popping with glitter and foil stamping that will keep your toddler entertained.

5. Good Night Twin Cities

A part of the bestselling Good Night Our World series, Good Night Twin Cities adds a local flare to putting your kids to sleep.  This book takes a tour to the best landmarks around the Twin Cities including Mall of America, Como Park Zoo and the Minnesota Children’s Museum.

6. Kindness Makes Us Strong

Learning how to be kind at an early age is essential for raising kind humans.  The Kindness Makes Us Strong board book teaches kids how to be kind in everyday situations including during lunch, at the playground and in their neighborhood.

7. Woke Baby

With all of the social injustices that have been experienced, Woke Baby is an inspirational book teaching kids to strive for a better world for their future.  It’s simple yet colorful, and will easily keep your toddler engaged.

8. First 100 Board Box Set

The First 100 board books are perfect for the little toddlers who are beginning to learn simple words.  The gift set includes First 100 Words, Colors, Animals, Numbers and Trucks.  The pages include simple pictures and words that will help your young toddler enjoy learning each day.

9. Llama Llama Red Pajama

Llama Llama Red Pajama is another popular bedtime story.  As the baby llama is feeling a little scared of going to sleep, he begins the typical toddler ploys to get mama back into the room (we can all relate).  Once mama finally comes back into the room, she reassures him that she’s always near.

10. I Love You Forever

A childhood favorite for most of us has now been turned into a board book!  I Love You Forever follows a mother through her life as she continues to hold on to her son, telling him that she will love him forever.  Make sure you get the tissues before reading this book as it captures the enduring love we experience through our lifetime with our kids.

Now it’s your turn, what are your favorite toddler board books? Be sure to add them to the comments below!

Teralyn Simmons
Born and raised in South Florida, Teralyn and her family recently moved to Saint Paul after spending six years in Boston. She is a mom to a one year old and two year old which she describes as beautiful chaos. When she's not changing diapers or potty training, Teralyn spends her days as a global HR manager and her weekends running her blog newmomvibes.com. Teralyn is passionate about uplifting women, especially new moms by helping them be their greatest self during the magical journey of motherhood.


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